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Meet Carla Cadzin from Sotheby's International Realty

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

When asked to participate in our new blog series, Carla Cadzin immediately agreed. Her responses to our questions were direct and honest, illustrating a modern woman who successfully copes with the challenging professional path she has chosen to follow.


Her dynamic character, self-esteem and love for work made her stand out from her competitors and led her to a successful career path. Carla Cadzin, after eight years of tough work in the real estate business, managed to take over the steering wheel of marketing management for Sotheby’s International Realty (Hamptons, Long Island, New York).

In her workplace the duties are demanding and the responsibilities different and multidimensional, but always client-centered. She loves to know what makes the owners of each property ''fall in love with it'' while, in her words: "All of our clients share the same importance - we aim to provide white glove service to all our clients no matter how small or large the demand." In addition, it is equally important to identify new buyers through "exceptional digital advertising".

But to survive in this competitive environment, it is imperative to adopt diverse approaches: ''Combining all of our marketing assets are the most effective - from PR to social media, to digital advertising, print advertising, photography, etc. '' Finally, it is essential for Carla to give each project the promotion it deserves: "I'm very hands on with assisting agents in staging and promoting a property. Behind the scenes I help you to virtually stage, stage in real life and whatever else is needed to promote the property in the best light.''

23 Maple Lane

Difficult and demanding projects require a lot of personal work, but also the right partners to deliver the project on time. Davinci Haus USA was such a project and it led Carla Cadzin to a fruitful collaboration with High Q Renders, generating "realistic renderings that we can now proudly use as marketing material.''

Carla Cadzin has come to stay. Visit her company website ( to see for yourselves. We thank her and renew our meeting with a new fascinating interview.

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