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Brian Brady: an architect who brings classical values to the 21st century

He is among the most skilled architects and designers in the industry. His vision and skills allow him to operate as both an architect and an interior designer. A fantastic team player with astute leadership qualities. In a few words, Brian is an authentic, passionate architect with exceptional management skills. A brilliant professional...

Brian Brady & Alexandra Brady

Tell us a few things about your background/education. What made you choose your profession?

I have a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Notre Dame and spent my junior year studying Classical Architecture in Rome. After college I moved to Athens, Greece, to further my interests in the Classics. My profession chose me. I excelled in Art, Science, and Math, which is the perfect combination for architecture. I knew I wanted to be an architect at age 3!

How did you get started in this business?

After college I moved to Athens and worked for the Ministry of Saudi Arabia doing embassies and consulates worldwide. Upon returning to the States, I worked at IM Pei’s office. I started my own firm in 1984.

What is your main role in the everyday operations of the business?

I am the founder of the firm and am still involved in all off the design decisions that are made.

Why do you believe your clients select you over your competitors?

We have a distinctive look in our architectural style; our homes, whether they are an historic renovation or brandnew, always look like they have been here for a century. Our interiors are refined, serene, and casual. All of our work comes fromreferrals.

What is the key to creating and completing a successful project?

Perseverance. The process can be daunting to clients so guiding them through every step and assuring them of the outcome is key.

Tell us a few things about the publicity that your business has received over the years.

We have been published in most of the online and trade periodicals. We just finished taking part in the Kips Bay Showhouse in Palm Beach.

How do you define business success?

Loving what you do.

Can you say a few words on how our services at High Q Renders have contributed to your work?

High Q has been a god sendtous. Clients today want visuals before they commit and High Q provides top notch renderings with a quick turnaround that you feel as if they are working in your office and are part of your team. Every person I’ve worked with there has been exceptional!

As a busy professional yourself, how do you organize your life and work?

It’s easy when you don’t consider what you do “work”. I can draw and design from anywhere. I have a fabulous staff that keeps the projects organized.

Can we have a peek at what comes next for Brady Design?

A nine-acre compound on a bluff overlooking Peconic Bay in the Hamptons with 5 structures. A full floor on Fifth Avenue in NYC overlooking Central Park. A penthouse apartment on the ocean just south of Palm Beach. Growing our offices in Philadelphia and Palm Beach.

Is there any other information you would like to share with us?

My daughter Alexandra is now a Partner in the firm and will be working hand in hand with me to continue the success of Brady Design. For more information, please visit the company Instagram account and the

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